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A Proven Program


 Jason’s winning program was developed over years of trial error. 


Jason specializes in a variety of disciplines including colt starting, reining, ranch horse versatility, trail, and working cow horse. All horses are ridden 5-6 days a week, and owners are welcome to stop by any time to see your horse. 


Ranch versatility is the fastest growing discipline in the industry, and we have been involved since the beginning.  A ranch horse has to be versatile. On any given day, he many need to wade through a creek, chase down and rope a cow, stand still while his rider fixes a gate, or pick his way through thick underbrush and climb up or down a slippery hillside.  Our  mission is to produce horses and riders capable of handling whatever is thrown at them! 


All horses have a 12X12 stall with stall mats, a fan,  and are turned-out frequently on one acre grass paddocks. Stalls are cleaned 1-2x per day and bedded with no-dust pellets to keep your horse comfortable and healthy. Horses are fed Premium Arizona Alfalfa and high quality bermuda grass hay twice a day along with a quality 16% feed, which is included in our fees.  


DSC_0094 kid.JPG

Jason's vast experience allows him to train with the softest touch necessary and help riders truly understand the "why" behind horsemanship.

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“I’ve known  guys whose philosophy was just keep at ‘em till they give in. I never bought into that. Horses are just like us. If they don’t understand what we’re asking for, we have to try to ask for it in a different way. Or, we have to try to be more clear about what we’re asking for. To just keep trying the same thing that’s not working? That’s when you end up with a horse that hates his job.”

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