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Jason Kopischke has been around horses his whole life, and has over 30 years of training experience. From starting a colt day one, to entering the show pen, Jason takes clients every step of the way. As a professional show coach, Jason is there to see you and your horse succeed in the show pen.

He has won titles in AQHA, APHA, ASHA including:

*Overall Ranch Horse Champion -- 2019 American Paint Horse Association Congress.

*2019 APHA World Championship in Ranch Reining

* 2019 APHA Reserve World Championship in Ranch Trail * Top 5 finishes in multiple ranch horse events at the 2019 APHA World Show.

The 2019 JK show team also brought home World Championships and Top 5 awards. 


Missy manages the barn, is the brains of all the horse shows and events.  She teaches riders of any level, at any age. Missy's warm smile, welcoming attitude, and coaching style surely leads to success.  

Come join us for an  open arena or attend one of our clinics! A full list of events will be available on our Facebook page and Instagram.  We hope to see you soon!

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